We're excited to share with you this week's episode where we welcome guest, Pastor Brian Croft. He shares with us about his own history in music and worship-leading, some of the musical challenges specific to the work of church planting and revitalisation, as well as sharing with us some of his own favourite hymns. All that and more!

You can find out more about Brian Croft and the work of Practical Shepherding, or if you're interested in some of their resources, you can find it all at https://practicalshepherding.com or you can follow him on twitter and facebook @pastorcroft or @practicalsheph


Some of Pastor Brian's favourite hymns:

- There is a Fountain

- And Can It Be (https://youtu.be/T1Wb_hPdTns)

- It Is Well (https://youtu.be/Avk44XZJ6k0)

- Abide With Me (https://youtu.be/hrvhjwWRmAs)


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